Put an end to the Recruiting Theater

  • Candidates are too demanding. None of them really want to work. And if they do, they only want to work part-time with a full salary. 
  • We're fighting with big companies who can offer a lot more to attract the right candidates.
  • Our employees do not really know any good candidates.  If we want the best candidates, we don’t need to ask our employees.
  • I need employees who want to take on hands-on responsibility and not only look for manager titles.
  • We need people from our big competitors who teach us "best practice" and how to do it. We want to become the market leader!

Recruiting, like many other corporate divisions, is undergoing a massive shift: Transformation, Change, Digitalization, Candidate Journey, Employee Experience etc. and additionally the new digitization tools that promise to address the skills shortage. Instead of being cool and relaxed in the face of all these challenges, you feel more like you're on a safari - inadequately equipped and left alone in a battle for the best talent?

Often the Recruiting reality looks like this: Social Network platforms are used to send automated and not always targeted e-mails or messages. If it fits, a telephone interview with a recruiter follows, which will be 30 minutes at maximum (I think this is better). A check list of “key skills” and salary expectations is gone through very quickly, because time is money - interviews are carried out like on an assembly line. The recruiters ‘beat rate’ has to be met. Most questions remain unanswered, because often the recruiter lacks deeper insight into the tasks, challenges and the team due to lack of time. 

If the applicant does not fit 100% of the "requirements" on the checklist, he or she is quickly rejected - real interest in the motivation and potential falls by the wayside. And you as a manager still have vacancies after weeks or even months, even though you urgently need support. Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you sick and tired of just tinkering with the symptoms of these Recruiting challenges and finding no real solutions to the causes of your problems?

I can help you to see your company, your employees, work structures and recruiting processes in a new and candid way.

Which problem shall be solved by filling the position? 

Why is the workload so high? 

What needs to be done to meet the requirements of your group management or your investors?  

Are you also fed up with recruiting costs that are getting out of hand? They can quickly run into six-figure amounts per vacancy: advertisements, headhunters, on-boarding, and induction training or, if not filled, for downtime. Further costs arise if customersare lost because you cannot deliver as promised or if you even have to turn down orders due to lack of staff capacity. If employees leave after two years, the cost spiral starts again. It is time for that to stop.

Let's find out what the cost drivers of your Recruiting investments are and narrow them down. 

With my comprehensive experience and expertise in Recruitment, along with my understanding of business inter-relationships and my sharp eye for processes, together we will find, through workshops, ‘process-accompaniment’ or individual/team coaching, not just any solution or any new employee – instead you will get an effective solution that suits you

Together we will gain clarity about your company's situation and investigate the causes of the problems. As your challenger I am not a typical yes-woman, instead I will give you honest feedback - for an unexpectedly effective course of action.    

Together we will clarify:

  • Which conditions must be met in order to hire the right employees successfully.
  • Which processes can be optimized.
  • Who should be involved in the Recruiting and On-boarding process.
  • Which organizational structures and processes should be re-thought.
  • Which measures are sensible and necessary, for example: 
    • Training, 
    • Coaching, 
    • Workshops,
    • A longer-term accompaniment or 
    • Targeted candidate search / Executive Search.

The results will be new hires who fit in with your company, who are thrilled to work for you with commitment and passion - every day or we will activate the existing potential that can be fully developed through process optimization, organizational re-design or new structures in collaboration.